The Chicago Team

Angela Guo

Angela Guo is a senior at Adlai E. Stevenson High School who is involved in various math and science-related activities. Throughout her community, she helps younger students explore the vast world of math using her experience as a two-time AIME qualifier and Math Prize for Girls Invitee. Through INTEGIRLS, Angela hopes to share her passion for math and help network girls in the Chicagoland area to empower each other.

Stephanie Mei

Stephanie Mei is a senior at Glenbrook North High School. She started math competitions in middle school and since then has competed in various competitions like the AMCs. Outside of math, she enjoys playing the cello and listening to music. She hopes that INTEGIRLS can be an opportunity for more people to discover their love for problem solving. 

Anna Shao

Anna Shao is a senior at Whitney Young High School. She has enjoyed math from an early age and started taking math more seriously in high school, including competing in various math competitions, attending summer programs, and tutoring younger students in math. Through INTEGIRLS, Anna hopes to foster a welcoming environment for discovering and growing one's interest in learning math.

Kallie Wang

Kallie Wang is a junior at Walter Payton College Prep. Throughout high school, she competed in various math competitions and attended summer programs (one of which involved yellow pigs and 17s). Outside of her love for math, she also loves to code, draw, and play badminton. Mathematics was always her favorite subject as a child, but she became much more committed to math when she discovered supportive, tight-knit mathematical communities in high school. Since then, Kallie hopes to give back to the community through INTEGIRLS and encourage more girls and non-binary individuals to discover the beauty of math and problem-solving.

Shriyadita Bhilkar

Shriyadita Bhilkar is a junior at Metea Valley High School. Since middle school, she has enjoyed competing in math contests and continues to pass on the excitement by organizing summer camps and her school’s Math Team. Through INTEGIRLS, Shriyadita hopes more girls gain confidence in their problem-solving abilities. 

Scarlet Gitelson

Scarlet Gitelson is a sophomore at the Latin School of Chicago. She loves solving math problems and has participated in contests like the AMCs, AIME, ICTM, and more. Within her school, Scarlet loves collaborating with her peers to understand science and math concepts; through INTEGIRLS, she hopes to extend that sense of math community to students in the greater Chicago area and beyond.

Past Chapter Members

Yinghui Bimali

Cornell '26

Shiqi Cheng

MIT '27

Aruni Chenxi

Cornell '26

Rohan Jain

CMU '27

Annabel Ma

Harvard '27